My name is Cecile Charlotte Schramm , born 1970 in Hanover,Germany.



My lifelong passion for painting and photography began as a young girl, full of inexhaustible ideas with enjoyment of life and fun.


My repertoire is painting and photography. I studied the history of art in Münster which deepened my love for painting and gave my work new meaning at the same time reinforcing my devotion for photography.


Living in Hamburg Germany, Stockholm Sweden and Vienna Austria inspired my art and work during the last years.


My travels have taken me on an international journey across many countries.

The inspiration for my work comes not only from my travels but from the world around me, fashions, colour and people.


My work is my expression of silence, happiness, thought, bliss,contentment and excitement.


Working with colours is never ending and like forever being a child, always trying something new and exploring your world of dreams.


Photography Opens Your Eyes. Painting Opens New Horizons.

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Photography Opens Your Eyes.

Painting Opens New Horizons.